Funding rules for the Sjálfsbjörg aid fund

1.   Beneficiaries must be members of Sjálfsbjörg in Akureyri and surroundings and must have paid their membership fees.

2.    The fund also allocates grants for the following:

a)    For university fees.
b)   For integration to the local area and the purchase of equipment for work, studies, hobbies and communication.
c)    For travel both locally and overseas because of extra expenses.
For various other projects the board of the fund deems eligible for innovation.

3.    The fund will advertise for application one month before the deadline. Application will be submitted to the funds board on the appropriate forms. All applications must be answered in writing. Allocation of funds takes place every year the third of December the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

4.    The objectives of the projects for which grants are applied for must have clear and substantiated justifications.

5.    Those awarded grants must submit a written statement along with expense no later than a year after the allocation of the grant upon the request of board.

6.    It is allowed to apply for funding for the same project on more than one occasion.

7.    Those who receive grants must be willing to give interviews to the media of the federations e.g. federation periodicals and websites or to other media.

8.    The allocation committee is not required to provide grants to every applicatant each time.

  • Akureyri 29.09.2009