Akureyri and Surroundings

The Rehabilitation Center Sjálfsbjörg at Bjarg, Bugðusíða 1, is open all business days from 8:00 15:30.

In addition to offering general physiotherapy, we also offer sports therapy, children physiotherapy, lymphatic massage, acupuncture, wax treatments for arthritis patients, rehabilitation after surgeries and home physiotherapy.

The center operates according to an agreement with Health Insurances of Iceland and patients fees are based on that. It is best to have a reference from a doctor, for Health Insurances of Iceland to take part in the cost. Generally there are about 14 physiotherapists as well as 2 occupational therapists working at Bjarg. 

Sjálfsbjörg the National Federation of Physically Disabled People in Akureyri and Surroundings has ran the rehabilitation center in Akureyri from 1970.